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Technical Infrastructure

Technical Infrastructure Back

The technical infrastructure has eco friendly technologies with rain water harvesting and soil and water conservation systems , GAP complaint farm promoting IPM and INM with

  • Commercial demonstration farm with commercial plantation of mango , pomegranate, orchids, guava, date-palm, and various tropical fruit plants etc.,.
  • Advanced hi-tech open field demonstration farms with sophisticated equipments
  • Different designs of indigenous greenhouses
  • Diverse irrigation and fertigation systems
  • Post harvest facilities consisting pre-cooling chambers, cold storage, ripening chambers with fruit and vegetable grading packing lines.
  • Automatic weather station with Disease forecasting systems
  • Organic vermi-composting unit

IHITC offers applied short duration training programs in a practical learning environment to educate and train growers in the commercial horticulture industry and related sectors (e.g. post harvest handling, grading and packaging, auxiliary input and technology services, logistical services, value-added storage, international quality certification etc.).

Thus enabling the growers to make informed decisions on advance commercial horticulture productions.

Learning through doing is the methodology adopted at the centre.