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Offer training in the courses that are practical and innovative in nature for imparting knowledge and upgrading the skills of personnel's in the areas related with the hi value commercial horticulture, value addition or processing, for the promotion of agricultural entrepreneurship.

Demonstrating advanced horticultural technology in commercial hi-value horticulture crops and promoting entrepreneurship in horticulture in relation to retail marketing.

Providing overall insight in technical and economical aspects of growing tropical and subtropical horticulture crops. Upgrading managerial and technical skills in major aspects related to modern crop, water and fertilizer management strategies.

Supporting partly commercial research and development activities on behalf of Universities, ICAR Research Institutes or of corporate companies and use the results for training and extension purposes.

Setting up sophisticated facilities for analysis and supply of quality inputs such as tissue culture labs, soil and water testing labs, etc.

Providing technical and economical consultancy, preparing project reports and offering services( such as developing an export oriented post harvest handling grading and cold chain facility) to the growers, all on commercial basis.

Providing access to market intelligence and quick information dissemination mechanism for farmers, entrepreneurs and extension workers with a view of promoting exports from the state.

Encouraging the development of PPP/Corporate farming/Retail tie-ups, horticultural chain developments and facilitating of exports of produce with growers.