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Enhancement of Human Capital in Barmer

The farmers in this area do not know about the proper harvesting of Pomegranate grown in this particular district of Rajasthan, through training them in harvesting and post harvesting techniques the farmers can reap the benefits by increasing their revenue and produce. This project will help in skill up gradation of farmers which would lead to improvement of Pomegranate production in Rajasthan. Approximately 2500 farmers would be called for the training camps, the camps will focus on inviting couples from household and hence 1250 females and 1250 males would benefit from all categories. Human Capital Enhancement and up gradation of technical knowhow in harvesting and post harvesting techniques of Pomegranate in this area will help us to achieve following objectives:

1. To discuss on problems and bottlenecks in Pomegranate production and their solutions

2. Discussions on latest new technological innovations

3. Theoretical and Practical courses for the farmers to improve their knowledge about the crop production

4. Harvesting and Post harvesting techniques of the specified crops

5. To increase the production and productivity ultimately improvement in livelihood of farmers

IHITC is a practical training centre and has been organizing district, state and National level seminars and workshops in the field of Horticulture. It has already conducted many such training camps in Jhalawar district and through this project wishes to expand its reach and help farmers in Barmer district to enhance their human capital and reap the benefits of these trainings by improving their return and productivity.