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Human Resource Development

Through different workshops and seminars on different topics of Horticulture and Agriculture, the institue plans to develop human resource in the state, farmers would be made aware about different techniques present in Horticulture and Agriculture sector and at the same time would be made aware about different schemes of the government. Through these seminar/workshops the farmers would be trained to use the latest cultivation techniques and how it can benefit their produce. The farmers and supervisors would be called to IHITC in order to gain a practical experience about different techniques and how the government schemes might benefit them.

Human Resource Development of farmers and/or government and non-government officials working in the Horticulture sector. These seminars and workshops will fulfill the following objectives:

1. To provide the latest and technical knowledge of different subjects related to Horticulture sector to the concern officials and the farmers

2. To promote the efficiency and productivity of the farmers/officials

3. To discuss on the issues and policy obstacles of Horticulture sector in Rajasthan

4. To come up with suggestions and recommendations on different policies of Horticulture sector in Rajasthan

IHITC is the practical training centre and has been organizing district, state and National level seminars and workshops in the field of Horticulture. Using the resources available at IHITC, we plan to impart the knowledge to the farmers and others to improve their knowledge and productivity in the state.