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Imparting global standards for your benefit

A vivid mosaic of the 22 hectare campus, it presents a picture of an unforgettable tapestry which would rank amongst the most beautiful horticultural campuses.

Beautifully landscaped, IHITC campus, a potpourri of rich experiences, is endowed with a most diverse ecosystem. The vibrant campus will reflect harmoniously planned and integrated facilities

The trainees for residential training programs will be accommodated in the hostels attached to the institute for a fixed period, work in farms, put the techniques they learn into practice and equip themselves to make decisions on advanced commercial horticulture production.

The infrastructure for residential training programs includes:
  • Academic building
  • Classrooms/seminar halls
  • Library/open learning centre
  • Utility building housed with cold storages, post harvest equipments, Demo-halls, laboratories, automation and disease forecasting system.
  • Hostels/cafeteria/recreation
  • Greenhouses
  • Open field horticulture demonstration plots with diverse irrigation –fertigation systems and weather station
The complete infrastructure has been conceived and designed for interdisciplinary and international perspectives and following designated facilities goals:
  • Ensures that facilities support the strategic goals
  • Creates, focuses and strengthens a shared internal vision
  • Anticipates future site and facility needs
  • Becomes more efficient and competitive by creating the best facilities possible with the resources available
  • Helps avoid waste and disruption resulting from piecemeal projects
  • Establishes a realistic schedule and capital budgets
  • Develops accurate maps and building plans for facility management
  • Ensures viability of facilities long into the future
  • Creates a sense of pride and ownership of the campus and
  • Unifies the campus aesthetically
S. No. Infrastructure Remarks
1 Academic Building
  • Office- Director, Joint Director with visiting director
  • Boardroom(25 people)
  • Main reception and information centre
  • Administration(5), Finance(5), Training(14)
2 Library Sitting for 25 people
3 Open learning centre with internet facilities 25 people
4 Restaurant
  • 100 people
  • Staying arrangement for 6 housing staff
5 Hostel and Recreation
  • 50 people
  • 2 people per room
  • attached toilet and bathroom
6 Cottage Director and Joint Director
7 Waste water management and Rainwater Harvesting For the whole civil constructions
8 Technical building/Garage and Staff quarters
  • Storage of 1 tractor, 1 power tiller, farm equipment, median and other small equipment
  • Farm storage(chemicals and fertilizers)
  • Farm Manager quarter
  • 10 Labor quarter
9 Utility Building:  
9.1 Practical Demonstration Rooms
  • 1 demonstration room for fertigation/irrigation
  • 1 demonstration room for crop protection
  • 1 demonstration room for post harvest
  • 1 demonstration room for processing
  • 2 multifunctional with special equipments
9.2 Offices
  • Farm Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Crop Supervisor
9.3 Chemical Room and Store
  • Place for storage(15)
  • Room for preparation of solution
9.4 Grading, Packing Hall, Ripening Chamber and Cold Stores
  • Grading/Packing Hall
  • Space for cold stores
  • Ripening Chamber
9.5 Equipment store training and practical training material  
9.6 Fertilizer Store
  • Fertilizer Room
  • A sewage drain outlet
9.7 Goods entry and exit
  • Docking station connected to cold store
  • Goods delivery platform
9.8 Nursery Demo Room  
9.9 Panel Room  
9.10 Pump Houses and Generator Room
  • Separate on the campus
  • Pump house connected to boreholes